Born in the tropical state of Florida, Jen has constantly changed scenery. Spending most her time in San Antonio, Texas, she learned all about governmental workings and artsy-fartsy stuff in the mix. Her passion for graphic design grew shortly after college when she left everything in America for the luscious green lands of New Zealand.

Amongst the kiwis (people not fruit) she soaked up various trades, including woofing, acting, aupair-ing, singing, dancing, acting, illustrating, exploring and most of all hands on, self-taught youtube learning. After two years living life as a hobbit she managed to slowly make her way back home, stopping in Southeast Asia and Europe along the way. Her journey continued when she landed in the big apple on a whim, in search of better pubic transport.

The four years spent in New York were a roller coaster that allowed Jen to expand her design skills, as well as live in different neighborhoods. Jumping industries from government, real estate, education, and entertainment kept her constantly in search of her calling. It was during her time freelancing for Universal and Netflix that she realized she loved illustrating.

After one more travel stint through South America, Jen was able to practice some Spanish as well as prepare for her big move to Colorado, the land of dreams, bears, and the great outdoors. Now her days consist of freelance illustration, and part-time coffee exploration. Needless to say, it has bean a long, windy road that has brought her to this glorious place in life.

Oh hello, I am Jen Roby, and I would love to illustrate for you. xx