Transcend Tour

Transcend Tour is a 3-day exclusive, one of a kind dance convention for passionate dancers of all ages. To help them deliver their own branded social content, I created a brand guideline and template for them to fill their feed.

Parker Arts Center

PACE Center in Parker, Colorado is a multipurpose event center that hosts activities for kids and the whole family. From theatre to exhibits, weddings, workshops and summer camps, PACE has a transparent community budget that needed some visualization. Brief was to design a combination of an infographic and a colorful graffiti piece, where the creative design serves asContinue reading “Parker Arts Center”


Primer Digital Agency – digital marketing through social media. As a Digital Advertising Designer I provided content for third-party companys’ facebook, and instagram. Each week we delivered a new round of assets that were based off of compiled analytical reports. Below are some examples from the following campaigns: